Fall Prevention

The next generation fall solution is here.

We're developing proactive technology to help facilities prevent dangerous fall situations before they arise.


Patient falls occur in hospitals, despite current alert systems and tools. These falls typically occur in patients' rooms when they are alone after exiting the bed, and can lead to serious and costly consequences.

Predictive AlertsPredictive Alerts

Ocuvera automatically tracks activity in the room over time, alerting staff to risky patient behavior before the patient leaves the bed. This allows time for staff to intervene and prevent a fall situation.


"Ghost" imaging maintains patient privacy by capturing shapes and movement without identifying anyone in the room.

Nurse ResponseNurse Response

Several alert delivery options are available, including a fixed monitoring station, Ocuvera-provided mobile devices, and integration with existing nurse call systems.


Building on the Microsoft Kinect for Windows platform, our solution provides an understanding of the patient and the entire hospital room. Our technology doesn’t just see movement: it sees the patient and monitors their behavior constantly and consistently, 24 hours a day—without requiring a nurse at a video monitor.

The video below demonstrates a prototype of our technology. Using only a 3D camera and Ocuvera's patented software, the patient's positions and movements are analyzed over time. When certain behaviors are detected, alerts are sent to nursing staff.

Our patented technology is already the foundation for the EliteForm PowerTracker system, which is used around the world by collegiate and professional sports teams, military Special Forces, and more.


We’re seeking healthcare partners to help us test and improve the next generation fall solution. If you're a hospital or care provider, small or large, we'd love to team up with you. To talk about how we can move healthcare innovation forward together, contact us at info@ocuvera.com.

Hear what Bryan Medical Center has to say about Ocuvera at their hospital: