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Ocuvera’s Technology

At Ocuvera, we make an automated video monitoring system: a video-based monitoring system where computers monitor patient behavior instead of monitoring technicians. The Ocuvera automated video monitoring system is built around a three-dimensional (3D) video stream. Using a 3D camera provides much more information than traditional 2D cameras. If the cameras can see more, then […]

Nurses and Falls

Patient falls have a substantial impact on the healthcare system. When a patient falls, not only do they suffer the adverse effects, but so do the nurses who care for them. Ocuvera’s focus is on creating a fall risk reduction technology that helps minimize the impact patient falls have on nurses so they can better […]

The Problem of Falls

Patient falls are a common, costly, and serious problem in hospitals and healthcare facilities. The numbers are shocking — every year, over 200,000 people fall.[i] More than 2% of hospital patients fall,[ii] with around 25% of those falls result in injury.[iii]Around 11,000 falls are fatal.[iv] These disheartening numbers are despite decades of effort to better […]

Ethical Artificial Intelligence

Though Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a fascinating and useful application of technology, it is also fraught with ethical questions. Nurses train for years to gain the experience and expertise necessary to give their patients the best possible care – why, then, should they trust their patients’ safety and wellbeing to a computer? This is a […]

Ocuvera’s Philosophy

Ocuvera was founded on the belief that technology can help people. At our core, we are a group of developers with extensive experience in the fields of engineering, computer vision, and mathematics. We believe that with the help of nurses, our unique perspective and expertise can improve healthcare. In fall risk reduction, Ocuvera has found […]