Microsoft Health Innovation Award Winner!

Ocuvera is the winner of the 2020 Microsoft Health Innovation Award in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Automated care that reduces your costs


Why Ocuvera

icon saves money

Save Money

Reduce your labor cost with our $2 automated sitter

Ocuvera’s software-based monitoring system means no people need to actively watch patients. Stop trying to hire expensive, less-qualified sitters: instead, insource the work to software at a fraction of the cost, while keeping patient care in your nurses’ hands. Once you’re using Ocuvera, you’ll see savings the very next month.

icon saves time

Save Time

Allocate your staff effectively

The nursing staff you have is precious – make sure they’re doing the job they were hired to do. When nurses aren’t watching patients in bed, they have more time to be out on the floor, caring for patients. Ocuvera’s ease-of-use and predictive alerts let nurses quickly and efficiently respond to patient needs before a fall can happen.

icon saves lives

Save Lives

Improve quality and safety outcomes

Nurses love using the Ocuvera system because it makes it easy for them to do their jobs. When they are more satisfied, nurses can deliver better patient care, resulting in better patient outcomes – including significant reductions in sentinel events and their consequences.

“I much prefer Ocuvera to the virtual sitter. It’s much better, because I can just see what they’re doing right there. I don’t need a stranger telling me.”


Nurse Manager – Med/Surg Unit

Ocuvera savings versus an in-person and/or virtual sitter. $18 per hour for in-person sitter. $3 per hour for virtual sitter. $2 per hour for Ocuvera.
Ocuvera savings versus an in-person and/or virtual sitter. $18 per hour for in-person sitter. $3 per hour for virtual sitter. $2 per hour for Ocuvera.

Savings Calculator

How It Works

smart, predictive patient care


that puts patients at risk of falling


displaying live-streamed patient activity


to your patient from anywhere


saved per bed monitored per day

second median lead time


Reduction in Targeted Fall Rates

Trusted by Nurses

“Ocuvera has virtually eliminated our unassisted falls from the bed.”

Matt S, Director of Nursing

“Ocuvera lets me take my sitters and put them back on the floor. “

Barbara K, Chief Clinical Officer

“What I keep hearing from my nurses is there’s no false alarms and it’s more predictive than it is reactive… so they can get in the room and prevent the fall.”

Mary B, Senior Vice President/Chief Nursing Officer

“Ocuvera gives us time and visibility into what is actually going on in the room.”

Stacy F, Clinical Informatics

“We’ve gone over 220 days without a fall.”

Ranae, Registered Nurse

“I don’t know what I would do without Ocuvera.”

Matt S, Director of Nursing

“Ocuvera is the biggest game changer that I’ve seen for fall reduction because it’s effective and I don’t have to worry about staffing.”

Jennifer B, Nursing Practice Coordinator

“Makes it easy for nurses to do the right thing.”

Barbara K, Chief Clinical Officer

“I have nurses who say, ‘I wish we had this on our floor.’”

Charge Nurse

“I can’t tell you how helpful it was to have Ocuvera during Covid.”

Paige M, Senior Director of Inpatient Services

“When my mom is in the hospital, I make sure she is on Ocuvera.”

Tracy C, Director of Risk Management

“All my nurses would quit if they lost Ocuvera.”

Christie B, Nurse Manager

“I’ve found hundreds of Ocuvera’s predictive alerts that otherwise could have led to falls.”

Jeremy D, Performance Improvement and Safety Coordinator