AI technology that empowers nurses to prevent patient falls.

Ocuvera is shown to reduce unattended bed exits between 96-99%. 

Stop responding to patient falls and start preventing them.

Today’s hospital technology responds to an event that has already happened. Ocuvera predicts unattended bed exits with over 96% accuracy.

Here’s what Ocuvera users are saying…

“Ocuvera has virtually eliminated our unassisted falls from the bed.”

“Our fall rate has decreased significantly.”

The Ocuvera Room System

Depth-sensing camera

Our camera does not collect any personally identifiable information. Instead, we use depth sensing video to predict a patient’s intent to exit a bed or chair.

Artificial Intelligence

Our library contains over 250,000 hours of real patient video. This drives the Ocuvera AI, teaching it to predict when a patient will attempt to move while unattended.

Easy to dock and move

The Ocuvera system easily moves between rooms. The system slides right into the wall-mounted dock connecting to power and data.

Rapid Deployment

Our hardware is easy to install and doesn’t require complicated training or integrations. The Ocuvera system can be deployed the day it’s received and start helping nurses right away.

Patient falls are expensive and frustrating

“We are very excited to be working with Ocuvera to get those fatal patient falls from 11,000 each year down to zero.”
Julia White, Microsoft VP @  Mobile World Conference 

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White Paper on Ocuvera

Ocuvera is clinically tested for effectiveness. We’ve created this white paper to provide more information on how the product works and why it is so effective.

Learn more about how Ocuvera empowers nurses to prevent patient falls.

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Download Our White Paper

Download Our White Paper

We've written a detailed white paper about the roles and performance of the Ocuvera system.

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