About Us



Our  Vision & Values

We believe in the power of technology to improve health care. That power begins with lower costs. We help hospitals reduce their sitter needs, better allocate nursing resources, and avoid the all-too-often devastating costs from adverse events like falls. We do that by providing nurses and caregivers with the autonomy to make clinically informed decisions for their patient, letting nurses better use their time where it matters most. We will be the in-room platform for state-of-the-art technology to reduce expenses, improve patient outcomes, and help nurses.

Provide Value

We must be useful to nurses, improve patient outcomes, and be affordable all at once.

Be Driven by Results

We should make decisions based on rigorous analysis and help our customers do the same.

Do Good

We all strive to improve the world around us, and Ocuvera is our small part of improving health care.

About the Team

Ocuvera’s team of entrepreneurs, developers, nurses, and other professionals are passionate about technology that can make healthcare more affordable while saving lives. Our team talked to hundreds of nurses about how technology could be most helpful for them. There was one answer we heard more than any others: fall prevention. We heard and saw first-hand how much is being asked of nurses, and how much of a burden falls are for nurses. The existing approaches for addressing falls are either too expensive or simply don’t work. We came to believe that technology can provide a solution.

We built our effective fall prevention technology with nurses to make it a solution that worked for them – something designed with a nurse’s job in mind. The Ocuvera team worked with nurses to make sure the system could be easily integrated into existing nurse workflows and allow nurses to keep their autonomy and keep their patients’ care where it should be: in their hands.